Candidate Market Research

    Talent Mapping

    Candidate Market Research is collection and provision of data on potential candidates in accordance with the client’s request.

    Talent Mapping allows to get a list of potentially interesting candidates that can be used, for example, when forming a talent pool or in a situation when it is necessary to understand the functions in specific companies and who performs them.

    Furthermore, the service will be relevant when searching for typical positions or vacancies with high turnover, it will also help to optimize the budget.

    Talent Mapping Service consists of several steps:

    • technical requirement specification
    • search for the necessary candidates

    • selection: analysis, screening of suitable candidates

    • creation of a final version of the report and coordination with the client

    The result of the study is a report – a list of candidates with basic parameters:

    • Full name
    • Contacts

    • Company

    • Position

    • City

    • Income level

    The report can include additional parameters:

    • English Proficiency Level
    • Willingness to relocate

    • Career expectations

    • Motivation for the company

    • Other (upon request)

    The study gives understanding of the candidate market in certain positions and areas and it will allow you to be able to attract the necessary employees to your team.

    Cost of Talent mapping service

    The basic fee depends on the average market salary for the studied position.

    Number of applicants in the report

    Less than 15

    From 15 to 24

    Basic blocks

    Cost of the report

    1 average market salary for studied position

    1,5 average market salary for studied position

    Our services
    We help to build a strong employer brand and promote it online and offline. We know how to attract the best candidates for vacancies and internships in customer’s company.
    Once we have created a communication strategy, we can move on to the practice: carry out conferences and exhibitions, create websites and launch advertising, maintain social media accounts, work with universities and mass media.
    We help businesses to hire the best interns using digital and offline tools.
    Assessment is an important part of any business. We have been helping our clients to make the right personnel decisions since 1998.
    Competencies modeling is the management of professional skills of employees that begins with defining the requirements for professional skills and knowledge and creating effective assessment tools.
    Research is the systematic collection and analysis of information of different aspects of company’s marketing activities.

    Proper labor organization leads to high results, promotes business efficiency and creates a prosperous motivational background.

    Career development assistance for management and non-management employees who are dismissed or redundant.

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